“Gospel Truth” playlist

Jon Bon Jovi

I started a new playlist the other night, “Gospel Truth,” which currently contains the following songs:

Alison Krauss: Down By The River To Pray
Kansas: Wayward Son
Rufus Wainwright: Hallelujah
Zulu Tradition: Hallelujah
Cole Porter (Kevin Kline, De-Lovely): Blow Gabriel Blow
Bon Jovi: Keep The Faith, Captain Crash & the Beauty Queen From Mars
Jon Bon Jovi: Bang A Drum
Guys & Dolls: Siddown You’re Rockin The Boat, Luck Be A Lady
Taylor Swift: Wildest Dreams (this may go, not sure yet), Out Of The Woods

Queen: Who Wants To Live Forever, The Show Must Go On
Hozier: Take Me To Church
Guns N Roses: Knocking On Heaven’s Door
Heart: Stairway to Heaven
Amazing Grace (bagpipes)
Meat Loaf: For Crying Out Loud
Bon Jovi: Living On A Prayer
Leonard Cohen: Hallelujah
Take That: Rule The World

I’m looking for other recommendations for the playlist! Favourite covers of Amazing Grace and Hallelujah are particularly welcome, as it’s impossible to have too many versions of those songs (someone’s recommended John Cale’s Hallelujah but I haven’t downloaded it yet). Nor have I gone through the rest of Alison Krauss and/or Union Station to pick up what’s best from them, but as you can see, the vibe here isn’t meant to be so much actual gospel (although that’s obviously good too) as a certain vibe that I think the above songs generally encompass. So I’m looking for songs that speak a truth to your soul, basically. Hit me with your best shot. :)

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5 thoughts on ““Gospel Truth” playlist

  1. Alison Krause & Union Station, New Favorite – my favorite album of hers.

    Two highlights:
    Let Me Touch You For A while – get out the black eyeliner and a glass of whiskey.

    Crazy Faith – Will be my first tattoo when I figure out the details.

    “Love is lightning,
    Love is ice.
    It only strikes the lucky twice,
    Once so you will know the price,
    Once for crazy Faith.”

  2. Oh the Deep Deep Love of Jesus. (music is the same as “Come Thou Fount/Ebenezer” and good luck finding someone singing it at the correct pace, I couldn’t find anything to link to you.)

    O Come O Come Emmanuel is another huge favorite of mine, but again, hard to find a version I’d want to link to you.

    Both of these are the old Baptist Hymnal version that I grew up signing when I hear them in my head.

  3. Canadian K. D. Lang’ cover of Hallelujah.
    Her voice is the instrument!

  4. My Immortal–Evanescence
    Titanium/Pavane–The Piano Guys (but all their music is great)
    Moonlight Sonata–Beethoven
    Here comes the rain again–Eurythmics
    Most songs off of Strange Case of by Halestorm
    Eyes of a Child and Avalon–Sully Erna

    These are just a few songs that speak to me.

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