Young Indiana’s Song of Sorrow

A certain young man does not wish to go to sleep. He is serenading me from his bedroom. His song goes like this (and this is verbatim, I’m typing as he sings):

We’re a mom and son
Moooom and son
and we have to stick together
or we’ll (mumble)
and that would be unnecessary
and i’d be sad forever
and you’d be sad too!
because i’d be sad until
the end! of! this! day!”

Please listen to me
or it will be the end of the world
and we won’t be together anymore
and we won’t be able to stick together aga-aa-aain.”

Oh mamma if you don’t come now
you and I will be failed
you and I couldn’t be together anymore
waiiit and then we would just get sadder and sadder
and then we would be sad enough to be saaa-aaa-aad.

Oh I don’t like it when we’re sad
and we would be sad together
for ever and e-e-e-ve-e-r-r-r
forever and ev-er!”
and ever
and ever and ever
I would be sad
you would be sad
we would be sad together

I don’t want to be sad
I don’t want to do this with you

And this is the end of you and mee-ee–eee
if you don’t come and be with me I’ll be saaaaaad
and I won’t be happy
I’ll be sad

At the end of this masterpiece he came out to sit sadly in the hall, where I discovered he was wearing a cheapie airplane sleeping mask and slumped in dejection. #laughs

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