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    collecting bookstore addresses

    My wonderful readers! Could you Do A Thing for me?

    Could you look up your local bookstore(s) address(es) and email them to mizkitink AT gmail.com?

    I’m trying to collect a database so I can send out postcards for new books, and it struck me that the best way to find bookstores (Barnes & Noble and other chain stores count!) is to ask people if they could take a minute to do that.

    A bunch of people on my mailing list have, and I’ve gotten over a hundred addresses already, but I bet there are more than a hundred bookstores in the world! :)

    Thank you so much!

    (You can post ’em here too if you’d rather, we’ll collect ’em. :))

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    I have not gotten travel grant money for my proposed trip to London and FantasyCon, which means I’m only going to London. Blast. Well, maybe next year we can go to FantasyCon.

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    star trekkin’ across the universe!

    I will be in London at the Forbidden Planet on 18 September, 2008, from 6-7pm, to sign copies of HANDS OF FLAME (and any others of my books people would like me to sign!). (Oh! I should be able to get Kris’s books there! Awesome!) I’m really looking forward to this signing, and hope a few England-based readers might show up and say hello. :)

    A few months ago, The Falcata Times interviewed me, and that interview is now up in the Falcata Times #7. My interview starts on page 34, but there are a *ton* of other cool authors in there as well, so go read and enjoy!

    Also, I’ll be writing a short story for a Morrigan Books anthology this fall, for publication sometime (I believe) in 2009. Looking forward to that, too–writing shorts is fun, and I only do it when people ask me to. :)

    Hm. I’ve got other things to talk about, too, but none of them are quite to fruition yet, so this will do for now!

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