collecting bookstore addresses

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My wonderful readers! Could you Do A Thing for me?

Could you look up your local bookstore(s) address(es) and email them to mizkitink AT

I’m trying to collect a database so I can send out postcards for new books, and it struck me that the best way to find bookstores (Barnes & Noble and other chain stores count!) is to ask people if they could take a minute to do that.

A bunch of people on my mailing list have, and I’ve gotten over a hundred addresses already, but I bet there are more than a hundred bookstores in the world! :)

Thank you so much!

(You can post ’em here too if you’d rather, we’ll collect ’em. :))

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2 thoughts on “collecting bookstore addresses

    1. !!!
      I knew there had to be SOME kind of database already in place, but I didn’t know where to look! Thank you VERY much!!!

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