Recent Reads/GGK Book Club: A Song for Arbonne

I just finished A SONG FOR ARBONNE, which was May’s GGK Book Club book. (I’m working on catching up! I bet I’ll be almost caught up by the end of the year! :)) I’ve been kind of interested in re-reading SONG, because I’ve only read it once and it didn’t, er, sing to me, as it were. It’s the one GGK book I’ve never had any particular interest *in* re-reading, which, in the end, caused me to be interested in re-reading it. I was wondering if it was my callow…

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Recent Reads/GGK Book Club: Tigana

I have, terribly belatedly, read April’s GGK book club novel, TIGANA. Well, re-read it, because it’s down on my Reading List four times and I’ve read it at least twice that many times, because the reading list didn’t get started until well after the book came out. TIGANA is, pretty much without a doubt, my favourite book. I’ve never previously tried to do any kind of figuring out why, but as I was reading this time I had the question in the back of my head, and it became clear…

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updating the TBR list

for my own benefit, so i can find it again. i tell you what, though, i’m reading a lot more than is geting stricken off this list. i’m afraid that might mean i’m still buying books… o.o (sequels! they’re all sequels! they’re…well, some of them are sequels…)

death of a thousand paper cuts

So my strawberry jam didn’t set up, I got a new toy storage unit for Young Indiana and it didn’t have the screws with so I had to go back to town to get them (and then watched them open another identical unit to take the screws out of it, which helps me but compounds the problem), on the way home I stopped and got strawberries which then got crushed in the bottom of my backpack which is now coated with strawberry juice, it turns out the person I sent…

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Recent Reads: The Great Way

As I may have mentioned in the past, one of the great advantages to my job is that I’m often offered the opportunity to read books early (and one of the disadvantages is that I don’t always have time). In this particular case, I got to read Harry Connolly‘s The Great Way trilogy a little while before the Kickstarter crew and then the world in general. And I was, to put it modestly, chewing at the bit for the chance. It lived up to–I hesitate to even say expectations. I…

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