the essential kit

thinks to do

– call the eastercon hotel & throw myself on their mercy – get eastercon plane tickets – pack up books to send – go to post office – put in grocery order – go to retro – remember the other hundred jillion thinks i need to do

Today was not that day.

I did not start writing again today. I didn’t even work on my AAs. I have a faint impulse to bring them to Octocon this weekend and auction off as much of the manuscript as I get done before the end of the day Sunday. :) The only thing I really accomplished today was rejiggering the YEAR OF MIRACLES print files into InDesign. Now I’ve ordered another proof. It should look pretty damned spiffy, but I’m not willing to get more until I’m sure. :) Doing a second book went…

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I was looking at yesterday’s to-do list and had a mental wail of, “God I’m not going to finish this until I’m like FORTY!” Then I realized that with SHAMAN RISES’s duedate, actually I pretty much *literally* won’t finish it until I’m forty. *laughs* I already had to readjust my “I’m going to sleep until I’m 37,” thing, now I’m going to have to reset that too! :) Seriously, way too much to do. All that’s behind the cut is the to-do list, where I am hiding it so as…

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too many thinks

– dishes – make dinner – laundry, particularly – FOLD the fricking laundry – and then PUT IT AWAY – call to return the coat & order a new one – call joce – do something about photoshop & homesite – and then the p-con website – and faith – finish AAs – put NO DOMINION print edition together – email kyle – rescue old hard drive – look for photos off old hard drive – put printer somewhere more useful in my office – fix treehouse – collaborate with…

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I have read 52 books this year. That was my goal for the year, and it’s the first time in *years* I’ve managed to read that many. It’s half the minimum number I think I should be reading, but I…well, you couldn’t say I came to terms with it, but I acknowledged that I’m not likely to get back to the 100+ of pre-writing-career years, nevermind the 200+ of my ill-spent youth. Anyway, so I reached goal AND there are still SEVERAL MONTHS left in the year. Woot! Of course,…

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