BatB & thinks to do

Oh hey, we’re starting our BatB re-watch on Wednesday! Since it’s being arranged by people on Greenwich time, I expect we’ll be watching at about 8 or 9pm around here, which is bloody inconvenient for Americans, but we’ll open a discussion post on one of our blogs and we can all have a little geekfest if anybody else wants to join in. :) Seriously, guys, that’s all I’ve got for content this morning. I spent the entire weekend writing. I know nothing of any interest. I haven’t even watched the…

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2014 Thinks To Do

Okay, so big plans for 2014 include: – rewatching the Ron Perlman/Linda Hamilton Beauty and the Beast as part of a year-long thing with Stephen Aryan and Liz de Jager. We might even have a weekly Discussion Blog about that week’s show. Anybody who wants to can join in! – (re)reading all the Guy Gavriel Kay novels, of which there are now 12, one a month in publication order, again with weekly discussion. We’ll be starting with THE SUMMER TREE in January, with a goal of reading 4 chapters a…

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administrative day

– call Old Vic to transfer tickets to Dad’s name – email hotel in Brighton – get plane tickets for Brighton – make a legitimate stab at tickets to America – stare in horror at tickets to America – call travel agent to deal with tickets to America – stare in even worse horror at travel agent’s deal – call dentist – print tax form for [redacted] contract – go to bank – email amazon


We got up at 6am today and for some reason I still thought it was a good idea to go to the zoo. I am consequently totally wrecked, and Young Indiana has been wrecked all day. I am, indeed, having a somewhat difficult time thinking, because my brain is so fried. So I shall make a list. It will probably not be a wholly inclusive list, but maybe it’ll help. – charge e-reader – put INFINITY KEY on e-reader – finish reading KHAN OF MARS – read INFINITY KEY –…

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so many thinks

I have so many thinks to do I can’t even manage to remember to order groceries. – order groceries :p – never-ending laundry – put laundry away – plane tickets – email matrice – sign contract – find epub of easy pickings – find epub/mobi of YoM, aftermath, origins – email tony – move bookcase – find impala mix – revise ever-loving shit out of shaman rises, to the tune of ‘wayward son’