back online with thinks to do

Now that I’m back online I have a list longer than my arm of thinks to do. – put in a grocery order – check to see how to renew indy’s passport – update fitbit to use new one – email redeemer patrons – email patreon patrons – prep short story for patreon – update reading list – email ian – email steve – clear out inbox, augh – email harlequin – pay credit card bills – update fb page – email mailing list – email m&m mailing list –…

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How To Create An Exhaustive To-Do List

I’ve had several people ask me in the past few days, half-jokingly and perhaps half-not, if I could make them a major To Do list, or if I could come to their house and purge (I totally will, too. It’s way more fun to throw away other people’s stuff. The thing is, you have to let me…), or if I could give an example of my lists to draw from. I can do that, sure. :) Let’s say you need to Do Something About Your Books. (I reckon this is…

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moving house as project management

Yesterday a friend was over and she saw my 20-point Thinks To Do list for the living room and wondered what it was. I explained it was the pre-move to-do list. Not the moving list, just the preparing-to-move list. “…have you ever considered project management?” she wondered. :) (Later she said, “Seriously. All it lacked was timelines and assigned roles & responsibilities, and I could have put it in Microsoft Project.”) Anyway, despite the project management levels of lists lying around I’m feeling entirely unsuccessful in getting anything done. This…

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thinks to do: the christmas list

– go to the zoo — get pictures with santa — get some lovely tiger & elephant pictures – go to the store — get the things i failed to last night — get peanut butter – clean kitchen – make dough — make pizza — make cinnamon rolls — make bread – make applesauce – finish wrapping gifts – prettify gifts – attempt to be in bed early eta: i’m calling 10:30 early, for christmas eve, demmit. – under no circumstances disabuse young indiana of the notion that there…

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thinks to do

make bread fill out paperwork do something at the big computer what was that desc the Regency crap what else FOLD LAUNDRY ANSWER @loncon3 EMAIL! find contract debate contract terms perhaps sign contract wut else write ch 10 of magic & manners gosh that should take me through tomorrow