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    shannara chronicles, omg

    I accidentally livetweeted watching the first episode of The Shannara Chronicles while Somewhat Tired. It went like this:

    …I can see that #TheShannaraChronicles is going to be an extreme addiction sort of thing.

    o god manu bennett i luv u

    (trying to explain the show setup to a friend):
    oh wow they’re really making the whole “this is our world only After The Fall real clear here aren’t they
    the credits have the toppled thing in seattle
    sky tower
    jesus christ
    the THING

    oooh john chu!

    manu bennet
    i love you manu bennet

    CHO john cho look i just called the space needle a sky tower give me a break okay

    manu bennett needs his druid hair done differently he’s very skater boi but manu bennett

    also i really always thought it was said “amberell” not “amberley”, hnuh

    wil looks like a hanson. i’m expecting him to “mmm-bop” any moment now.

    also there’s a wolfhound. how can you go wrong with a wolfhound

    this is awful
    i can’t stop watching

    one Elf Brother looks like a young Patrick Dempsey but cuter than Dempsey was at that age
    the other looks like a prick

    the elcryss is really cool, actually

    wait, is that paranor? isn’t paranor in the middle of a jungle wasteland? not a desert wasteland? also john rhys davies i love you too

    mmm-bop with my pointy elf ears, mmm-bop

    “NOT LIKE YOU NEED A HUMAN SACRIFICE OR SOMETHING” hi that’s a little on the nose there isn’t it kids

    whoops with the betrayals and the stabbings

    aw patrick dempsey elf is sad

    hey, it’s that guy with the face, playing eritrea’s father. i like him and his face.

    FORBIDDEN ELFIN DRUIDIC LUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUV oh plus some magic allanon you bastard

    oh come on i really wanted a kiss there. and oh look now naked elves.

    mmm-bop elf princess gonna cut my ears off mmm-bop oh oh oh

    wasn’t amberle a redhead? i mean i don’t mind her not being but wasn’t she?

    so much for the smoochies i was hoping for. >.< WHAT THAT'S THE END no i can't watch more tonight i have to go to sleep NO TED YOU CAN'T WATCH MORE TONIGHT I HAVE TO GO TO SLEEP

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    TV & Movie Roundup

    A week ago I went into Dublin and had a Movie Day. I went to see The Martian, Everest and The Intern, and decided not to go to Macbeth because I wouldn’t have gotten home until the heat death of the universe, or something a lot like it, like, eleven-thirty at night. :)

    The Martian was, somewhat astonishingly, as good as everybody’s been saying it is. In so far as I had any objections to the plot, it was that their eventual solution seemed obvious to me from the moment the problem was presented, but I assume I’m part of a relatively small subset of people who went “well, obviously.” :) But it’s a really terrific movie, and people keep saying it’s nearly as good as the book, so I’m apparently going to have to read the book now, too.

    Everest was also good, although not nearly as much fun as The Martian. The scenery is spectacular, and verified for me (as if there was any doubt) that I wouldn’t even be able to get to the mountain, much less actually climb it, as there are death-defying heights and rope bridges ON THE WAY THERE, never mind the actual mind-blowingly terrifying climb itself. In case of zombie apocalypse, possibly. Under any other circumstances, nope. But it’s a good film with a lot of good actors, and worth watching.

    The Intern was a good unicorn chaser after those two movies, though, jeez. I chose to see them in the Correct Order. It’s a cute movie, with Robert de Niro playing fairly close to peak charm, and Anne Hathaway in a role that I found pretty sympathetic. The supporting cast tragically includes that guy I don’t like from Pitch Perfect, playing the same kind of role (albeit without singing) as in Pitch Perfect, which is kind of too bad because I have a suspicion he’s probably better and potentially a lot more likeable than that role. Still, though, overall a pretty cute movie, and an excellent choice to see after the above two. :)

    I’ve also just finished watching Grace and Frankie, a Netflix Original with Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin playing women who don’t like each other very much but have known each other and been married for forty years to Martin Sheen and Sam Waterston, who at the beginning of the first episode, announce they’re in love with each other and will be divorcing their wives so they can get married themselves, now that it’s legal. It’s pretty damned terrific, and it ENDED ON A CLIFFHANGER, which I totally didn’t expect (I thought I had two episodes left!) and now I’m clawing at the TV for the next season. Which will drop sometime in 2016, apparently, as it *has* been renewed, but agh! I MUST KNOW WHAT HAPPENS!

    Seems like maybe there are a couple other things I’ve watched lately that I was going to mention, but that’s probably enough for now. :)

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    Picoreview: NCIS Season 10

    Picoreview: NCIS Season 10 (and the first 2 eps of s11): …that was actually really, really good.

    I mean, NCIS is a solid show. It’s generally of reasonably high quality and consistency, with very few actively bad episodes and correspondingly few really *good* ones. The actors are all appealing and their interactions are terrific, and the whole thing lends itself to the sense of family that it’s supposed to. The season started out with plenty of AUGH, between the bombing and (much more alarmingly) Ducky’s heart attack, but every season starts with AUGH and most of them don’t hold on to the AUGH through as much of the season as s10 did.

    “The Namesake,” guest starring Billy Dee Williams, is one of the exceptional episodes, as are many of the NCIS father/children episodes (“You Better Watch Out,” with Tony’s father, and “Squall,” with McGee’s previously-never-seen-father, are also good this season), but it’s the Ziva storyline that absolutely rocks the season. Literally: it gives the show a massive shake-up mid-season that follows through into the 2nd episode of the 11th season, and…

    (spoilers, mostly about Tony and Ziva, behind the cut)

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    catch-up post

    Young Indiana and I went to see Home, which was a sweet little film. It’s also the first animated film I can think of since Prince of Egypt where white people were only incidental background characters instead of the homogeny, which was great.

    Today is Mother’s Day in Ireland. I have been greeted with a lie-in, a homemade card, and waffles with strawberries, which is a pretty nice start to the day. I was gonna go see Insurgent, except it doesn’t start until next week. Darn it. Maybe I can see Chappie instead. Or not. :)

    I have a stack of ARCs to read. Is it a stack if they’re all electronic? Anyway, a virtual stack, including Chrysoula Tzavelas’s CITADEL OF THE SKY, which is currently being Kickstarted and which I have not yet read much of but I love its opening paragraph. I also have Beth Cato’s next Clockwork book, and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough’s THE DRAGON, THE WITCH & THE RAILROAD, which is a new book in her Seashell Archives series from the 80s. I *love* Kickstarter, that it can make things like this happen!

    I finished Cassandra Clare’s Infernal Devices trilogy last week. I think they’re similiar to but perhaps a little better than her Mortal Instruments books, and in the end I was really pleased with how she handed the romantic entanglement. It’s not what I would have done, but it was possibly better, and that’s always nice. :)

    I’ve also read several of Sheila Connolly’s Orchard Mysteries, which are pretty good little cosies. I’ve learned a surprisingly interesting amount about apple farming, and she includes recipes at the back of the books and there are several I want to try, so that’s kinda cool too. :)

    I may have *accidentally* a little bit picked up a couple non-fiction books at Chapters yesterday. One, THE NOIR FORTIES, is a research book for the REDEEMER series and the other is, er. Not. O.O It’s TIGRESS OF FORLÍ, a history of Caterina Sforza, who sounds fascinating. And also I got the latest Benjamin January book by Barbara Hambly. :)

    Let’s see, what else. We finished s3 Person of Interest, which…gosh. That’s a game-changer. And we watched the first episode of Powers, which was probably slightly more than I needed to watch. I could have stopped after the first 5 minutes, in fact. Agents of SHIELD has gotten pretty good, although I’d rather have full seasons of Agent Carter, given my druthers.

    A post of mine, Representation matters, has gone viral on Tumblr! Almost 60,000 notes as of posting-time, which is just crazy. Last week it was at 6K, and I thought THAT was lots! :) It’s the most popular thing I’ve ever written on the internet. :)

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    oh my GOD why did none of you TELL me about LXD (Legion of Extraordinary Dancers)? STREET DANCING SUPERHEROES, GUYS, AND YOU DIDN’T TELL ME. YOU ARE ALL FIRED!

    Ted found the first season on Netflix the other night and thought “Catie must watch this.” Furthermore, he knew which two episodes I would like best before I watched them. Now we must watch the rest of them!