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    exciting morning & weekend report

    Well, that was far more excitement than one wants at 6:20am on a Monday morning.

    We were getting Young Indiana’s bath ready, which involves running the water until it’s hot, then turning it off again because it gets so hot that you can’t put the plug in the tub. Young Indiana turned it off, but he turned it the wrong way (and I was using the toilet, so not standing over him to supervise) and the handle came off the faucet, causing scalding water to spurt up through the now-open top of the faucet. And the handle could not be put back on.

    So I sat there holding it to stem the flow of water while Ted tore all over the house trying to figure out where to shut the goddamned hot water off and discovering a leak springing in the kitchen and me calling plumbers and the water gradually changing from scalding to tepid. Ted finally figured out where to turn the water off. Just as well, because moments later the plumber called and said they couldn’t make it. Ted managed to put the tap back together, and all is well, but we’re both strung out and nauseous now. Gllllb.

    (Note: nobody got hurt with the hot hot hot water. Young Indy sensibly let go when the hot water started hitting his hands and wailed for me, and the tap handle was tall enough that I could keep my fingertips on the top to hold it in place and just avoid the water, but yagh.)

    Other than that, well, jeez, uh. Riddick on Friday night. Saturday we went to the farmers’s market, which was, um, expensive. :) *laughs* But I got strawberries and made strawberry jam, which turned out gorgeously. I can’t remember what else we did. Well, Ted went to see Riddick, but I think Young Indiana and I mostly just hung out. And we watched Avengers, so now Thor 2 is up next. :)

    Sunday I had a really good time shopping. :p I got a couple pairs of new shoes, which will hopefully see me through to about Christmas. Probably. I hope. :p (Seriously, I hate shopping. Bleh.) And I had a *terrific* 2.5 hour chat yesterday evening with Michelle Sagara, which was great.

    And now I’m going to go get things ready for preschool and possibly eat something because I suspect the nausea now is probably partly hunger-borne instead of just adreneline on an empty stomach.

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    weekend report

    Yesterday morning I got out of bed and discovered I had screwed up my back somehow while sleeping. The weekend has not been *especially* fun, as a result.

    Despite this, I took Young Indiana to a movie this morning. He only lasted through 30 minutes of the film (Planes: too boring for a 3 year old) and we went to lunch and did some shopping afterward. He was incredibly, incredibly good and helpful and sweet, but I ended up carrying too much, and with my back hurting it just…yeah. God. I came home and nearly collapsed of weeping exhaustion, although at some point I turned to put something away and my back popped in a shocking manner and the pain lessened.

    I spent the remainder of the afternoon in my rocking chair, which has the best back support, reading Cassandra Clare’s CITY OF LOST SOULS. I guess she’s done something right with those books, as I’ve read all of them within the past month.

    We finished s1 Jericho, which left us gasping in shock. We thought we had one more episode, so it was doubly shocking to get to the end and have Netflix tell us s2 would start in 20 seconds. But we instead watched Thor as a unicorn chaser, because dear grod.

    I had totally forgotten Jeremy Renner was actually Hawkeye in that film. I remembered Hawkeye was in it; I did not remember ever seeing his face. But lo! Lookit that! There he was! Cool. :)

    Yesterday’s Great Photo Archive Project involved emptying a box of photos & 20-year-old correspondence, by way of putting off decisions about the correspondence by shoving it into another box with other things of that nature, and by sorting and ditching many photographs, and putting the rest into albums.

    Odds that I need to keep roughly 27 photos of actor Stan Kirsch: 0%.

    Odds that Sarah and Christie will murderize me if I scan & post some of these photos of *them*: 100%.

    Odds that I’m going to anyway: 100% :)

    Tonight’s Great Photo Archive Project yielded about 200 photos of my sister’s wedding, a dozen or so worthy glacier/Alaska pictures, an equal number of pictures of visiting friends, and one utterly bewildering roll full of people I’ve never seen. My working theory is that it might be a drama trip that Dad brought students on…?

    I haven’t yet gotten these ones into albums, but once I do, I’ll be down to one large box of photographs. I suspect it’s the one that’s actually *crammed full* of photos, and all things considered, it’s probably for the best that I inadvertantly came at it smallest-to-largest, because this way I’ve gotten at least 1000-1200 photos put into albums. (Albumed, I said, just to make Mom twitch. :))

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    weekend report, again

    Apparently a weekend report is becoming a thing around here.

    Friday night I went to see City of Bones with fifteen or so close personal friends of Sarah Rees Brennan’s. I actually quite liked it, although as with Beautiful Creatures they rewrote the ending so completely that I don’t quite know how they intend to go forward, assuming they get to. But Lily Collins was good despite some laugh-out-loud clunky dialogue, and I liked the casting for almost everyone. There were several times in the film I thought “God, if they want to do another Labyrinth they need to do it now before she ages out,” because wow, really channeling Jennifer Connolly. This from the same girl who totally channeled Audrey Hepburn in Mirror Mirror. (Someone also needs to do a Hepburn biopic while Collins can rock that look.)

    Saturday morning I paid for having dared go out and be an adult and not get to bed until 1am by the cold-ridden 3-year-old waking up irrevocably at 5:20am. I don’t really remember much of Saturday. I napped. I made dinner. I finished reading CITY OF GLASS, having had huge parts of it spoiled for me during post-movie drinks.

    Today I went to the cinema again, but this time to work, and wrote 6000 new words on SHAMAN RISES, getting it back to the point where I think I can probably work several significant chunks of the original text back in. I cut about 13K, it appears; I’ve re-added 10, and have the thick side of another 10K I can put back in, so there’ll be more of it when I’m done than there was when I began. It now goes:

    (page break)

    which is a lot better than it was on Thursday. But I really kind of need it done by tomorrow evening.

    I have also got to write two series synopses by like tomorrow, which is unfortunately really not reality based. I should probably just send what I’ve got, and hope I can write at least one of them by Thursday…

    In completely unrelated news, my Fitbit informed me that of last Thursday I’ve achieved the 2000 miles badge with it, which means I’ve walked 2000 miles since the end of last August when I started wearing it.

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