the big break

All right, this is it, the big break.

Livejournal has updated its user terms and conditions with an expectation of complying with Russian (I almost typed Soviet, oi) law, including their anti-LGBTQ and freedom of speech laws, which is more than the camel can bear. It’s not like LJ’s had a lot of activity the past, uh, well, several, years, but many of us who have been holding out…no longer are.

I’ll be here on, of course, but I’ll be crossposting this journal to from here on out, too. (And, y’know, to everywhere else it automagically crossposts.)

If you’re on Dreamwidth, you now know where to find me. If you’re on it with a different name than you use on LJ, let me know, or it may take me years to figure out who you are! :)

5 thoughts on “the big break

  1. Hi – I only have LJ for commenting on 3 authors’ pages so I’m sure I’ll be closing my account. But I’m not sure how to delete my posts without initially agreeing to the “nonbinding user agreement” – help?


  2. I can’t figure out Dreamwidth and I can’t figure out a way to follow you here, so I guess I’ll have to rely on FB and Twitter :-(

    1. If you use an RSS reader like Feedly, you can put the url of the site into the search bar, and it’ll pull this up to add to your feeds.

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