the books I’m working on

The books I’m working on, or at least referring to in my blog these days, by initials:

TB is THUNDERBIRD FALLS, the sequel to URBAN SHAMAN. (Let us not focus on the fact that in fact the initials of this should be ‘TF’; apparently ‘thunderbird’ is the important word in my mind.) This series as a whole is The Walker Papers, which probably won’t ever be referred to as TWP, but they /could/ be. Theoretically.

TQB is THE QUEEN’S BASTARD. Epic fantasy. Being written on spec for a proto-editor at Tor.

MD is MANIFEST DESTINY. Epic sf. Been working on this for years. Might finish it this spring.

HoS is HEART OF STONE. Urban fantasy. It’s actually finished and off to the agent.

HoC is HOUSE OF CARDS, the sequel to HoS. I haven’t started it yet, but I expect to sometime this spring, so I may be mentioning it from time to time. The third book in that series is HANDS OF FLAME (HoF), which I’m unlikely to mention again for months. :)

Angles is RIGHT ANGLES TO FAERYLAND, a young adult fantasy. Also off to the agent, and also at Tor. Its sequel, GIANTS IN THE SKY (Giants), is something I may or may not get to this year. If I do, it’ll be this fall.

The third Walker Papers book is tentatively titled COYOTE DREAMS (CD), and I won’t be mentioning that again until this fall, either.

I’ll stick this entry under a works in progress link over under the ‘projects’ side bar, so people can reference it if they need or want to. :)

5 thoughts on “the books I’m working on

  1. Have I mentioned that you have a lot of projects going? Because you do. I don’t feel so bad. :)

    I like Coyote Dreams.

  2. That is a lot of books! I don’t know whether to be inspired or cowed. ;)

    And thanks MUCH for the translations. Hee.

  3. Well, it *is* a lot of books, but I’m only *working* on two of them right now. It’s not quite as horrifying as it seems. :)

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