the hard part

I have rewritten the hard part! I–

…holy shit, guys. I just got email from my editor. You know how I asked if, y’know, you could try to send THE QUEEN’S BASTARD back to print before the end of May?

You did it. It’s going back to press, “based on early good sales.”

Thank you. Thank you, thank you, *thank you*, all so very much. I’m genuinely sitting here stunned and teary-eyed and sniffly, because wow. *Thank* you.

Um. Jeez. Uh. What was I talking about? Rewriting the hard part! I managed to get the bit I’d skipped done, and while it could use a little more polishing, it’s done! I’ve got about five chapters left to revise, and then … I don’t know, fifty or seventy-five pages more to write (and the prologue to rewrite, got to remember to do that) and then the book is done. And gosh, for some reason, I’m feeling REALLY INSPIRED to go do my revisions right now, so I think I’m gonna go do that. o.o

*reels off, stunned*

miles to Minas Tirith: 375.3

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2 thoughts on “the hard part

  1. Congratulations! *I* am not a bit surprised TQB has had “early good sales.” It is a great book, I am waiting excitedly for TPC, and I laughed out loud at the nod to The Princess Bride :)

  2. *laughs* I just couldn’t resist that bit. I should have resisted, I’m sure, but I couldn’t. And my editor didn’t make me change it, so… *giggles* I’m glad you liked it! *beams*

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