the interview meme

The interview meme. I did this once on LJ, but since I’ve stopped using my LJ, I’ll re-post everything, including the rules, here.

Questions from Deborah are behind the cut tag somewhere down there. Stupid MT layout doesn’t let you open and close cut tags as tidily as LJ does. :P

And, the rules:

1 – Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2 – I will respond; I’ll ask you five questions.
3 – You’ll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4 – You’ll include this explanation.
5 – You’ll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

My LJ interviews are here (from Tracie), here (from Russ), and here (from Dave).

1) Imagine ahead: you’ve just gotten your first royalties check. Whatever are you going to do with it?

Party like it’s 1999! Um. Actually, wow. Good question. (You ask good questions.) Let’s see. Since the soonest I could possibly get a royalties check would be, hrm, probably early or mid 2006… hopefully I won’t be working the day job anymore at that point. What would I do with it. *think think think*

Well. I’d go out to dinner, at the very least. :) Um. Possibly go on vacation? You know, I honestly and truly don’t know! It’d depend on what else was going on!

2) What does your dream house look like?

oohhhehehhehe. *clears throat* Victorian style with a round library tower. An entertainment room that had nothing to do with the living room, so there wouldn’t be a goddamned tv in the main room of the house. A big kitchen, not just to satisfy my husband’s culinary whims, but because I actually think the kitchen is the heart of the house, and there should be room in the kitchen for a big wooden table that’s virtually impossible to damage, so that everybody can sit around it and game or talk and hang out or do whatever, while the cook does his (or, one supposes it’s vaguely possible, her) thing and yet still participate in the conversation.

A study/office thing for me, preferably with a view which will distract me terribly from writing. It will be littered with the completely ridiculous number of comic-book art pieces that I’ve collected over the last several years, and with my book covers. This will make me tremendously happy. There will be tremendous piles of books sitting around so that I can look up whatever it is I need for the book I’m currently working on.

What there will not be in this room is a computer with a net connection. It’s very likely the only computer in this room will be Little Little, the teeny Vaio laptop I do my writing on. It’s vaguely possible I’ll upgrade that computer, but it doesn’t seem likely, at least not until the point at which it is no longer compatible at all with the desktops in the house.

There will be a dance studio/gym sort of thing in my dream house. The house will have probably five bedrooms. There will be a lot of walls to put art on, because we have a lot and we keep seeming to get more. It will be southern-facing. Ted would like a hot tub, so it will have a hot tub. It’ll be on at least a couple of acres of land.

3) What was the smartest thing you did in your twenties? The most silly

I swear to God, the first thing that leapt to mind for ‘smartest thing’ was ‘I married Ted’. How saccharine. However, that’s gotta be right up there. :) Um. Also travelling Outside to visit all my net friends. Moving to CA for the job I currently hold. Buying a house, although that’s more fortuitous than smart, perhaps.

I cannot possibly delineate the silliest thing I did in my twenties. Or at any other point in my life. There’s too much silliness. :)

4) Having both as you do: cats or dogs?

Both! No, really. I love ’em both. Cats are small and warm and purry and aloof and crawl into your lap, and dogs adore you unconditionally and romp and play and wriggle. They’re both eminently satisfactory in their own way.

5) What is it about guitar that appeals to you?

Oh, mostly Jim Byrnes.

11 thoughts on “the interview meme

  1. One query about the dreamhouse:

    If there is art on the walls, where are the books? :) Because I know that there are more books than there is round library tower!

  2. Ooh! ooh! Interview me! *VERY curious about what you’ll ask*

    (if you send it by email, use my yahoo address, not the aol above- that’s where I send my spam)

  3. It’s a two or three story tower! Very dramatic. With, you know. Cast iron grate walkways. (We shall overlook the fact that I’m terrified of heights and would never use cast iron grate walkways. Perhaps it has a dramatic spiral staircase in the center of it, going up to Floors Two And Three of the library!) :)

  4. ok, i don’t usually do this. Will you interview me? But I think you’ll ask good (probably hard) questions.

  5. questions for laura:

    1. You used to want to be a medical doctor. You’re closing in on your PhD in epidemiology. How did that change in goals/careers come about?

    2. You’re a member of the SCA, or something like it. If you had to choose a time in the past (pre-20th century) to live, would it be the medieval era? Why? What era would you choose if it wasn’t that one? Why?

    3. You’re doing your Grand Canyon hike this year. Where are we going next year when I have some money saved up?

    4. Is magic real? Are you sure? Why?

    5. You have the opportunity to be one of the first deep-space explorers, with a reasonable expectation of colonizing another planet within your lifetime. The catch is, you can never go home again. Do you do it? Why or why not?

  6. questions for jai:

    1. If you could change one aspect of your personality, what would it be, and why?

    2. You’ve found the fountain of youth. Do you drink? Why or why not?

    3. Do you have a Secret Desire? A goal or ambition that, if, at age eighty, you looked back at your life, you would deeply regret not having done it? If yes, what is it? If yes, are you pursuing it? Why or why not?

    4. You’ve been given three wishes. What do you wish for? (Using the third wish for wishes in perpetuity is cheating.)

    5. You’ve had a turbulent year. Are you stronger/happier/better for it? How have you changed?

  7. Hey. Hey! You never asked me questions the last time this went around. So ask me. :)

  8. questions for mary anne:

    1. Alaska, ever again?

    2. You have the opportunity to spend one year as a historical female figure of importance. You’ll have access to her memories so that you can behave as is appropriate to that figure. Who do you choose to be, and why?

    3. Another question in the historical vein: what three events in history would you most like to be able to attend, and why?

    4. Your epitaph says, “She changed the world in unexpected ways.” What did you do?

    5. Quick! Pick a superpower! Why’d you choose that one?

  9. questions for sarah:

    1. First, go read Ursula’s Art is Hell essay. Now: when the time comes to look back and say, “And is this all?”… will it be enough?

    2. Gambit or Wolverine? You only get to choose one.

    3. Novelist, short story author, screenwriter, telewriter. Put them in the order you most desire to be known as, and tell me why it’s that order. If I’ve missed a genre, feel free to add it to the list as appropriate.

    4. You’re crazy about the American Old West. Would you actualy want to live in that time period? Why or why not, and under what circumstances?

    5. What opportunity, if presented to you, would cause you to drop your current life like a hot potato and charge forth into the new one without a look back?

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