then again

Having just stated this isn’t a political blog … *laugh*

Iraq has thrown down the gauntlet to the United States, offering to open its doors to the Central Intelligence Agency and prove that Washington is lying about having weapons of mass destruction.

I would like very much for the CIA to go in and verify this. I’d like even *better* for somebody who isn’t affiliated with the federal government to go in and verify this. I’d like somebody who struck me as vaguely trustworthy — actually, the UN, which generally seems pretty disgusted with US warmongering, seems fairly trustworthy to me, but goddamned Bush and his cronies won’t take their answers as truth — to go in and verify this. Somebody who is not on the federal payroll. I’m pretty sure the CIA will find something damning, if they’re told to.

And this is why this isn’t a political blog. I don’t trust anybody anymore, and it makes me sad.

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