things catie wants

Things Catie wants for Christmas, not so much a hint as a list for my own self so that when people start asking me, I’ll know:

the Rhodochrosite and Jasper journals, and the Charoite journal… I have the others.

highlander season 3, which’ll be out in November-ish

the best of highlander

x-men: evolution season 1 collection and season 2 collection if they’ve put one out

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Days of the Dead by Barbara Hambly (only out in hardback)

Sunshine by Robin McKinley (only out in hardback)

The Boy From Oz soundtrack (due out oct. 16th)

(X-Men busts removed because I just decided to quit collecting them unless they’re Rogue and Gambit specific.–9.28.03)

original rogue painting (hey, it’s worth a shot!)

I’m going to stop now because my own geekiness is overwhelming me.


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