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Gymmed again tonight. Another 3 miles walked, and did some crunches and floor exercises. Ran out of time and so didn’t do any weights, but that’s okay. The reflection in the mirror has visibly changed shape even just this week; it has less tummy than it did five days ago. :) We’ll theoretically have an Emily tomorrow, as she’s coming in for a doctor’s appointment for her broken knee, so no gym, most likely. My goal at the moment is to get there 4 or 5 times a week. Lousy time of year to suddenly decide to actually start doing this, with going to Fairbanks next weekend and the gym being closed several days due to holidays, but hey, what can you do?

So I’ve taken up mall walking. Did I say that? I’ve been walking laps inside the university, which has about a .75 mile circuit if all the doors are unlocked (possibly further, but I haven’t tried exploring the library) and overall I feel a little silly doing, well, mall walking, but the university indoors track is 1. concrete, 2. around an ice rink where hockey players slam pucks into the plexiglass ALL THE TIME, and 3. screws up my back (apparently I lean into the direction of the track and I end up pinching my back, whee). So mall walking it is, despite the sort of funny looks.

The thing I like about Bon Jovi (besides the tight leather pants, I mean) is that I always feel like JBJ is singing all the love songs specifically to his wife, who was his high school sweetheart and everything (they’re sort of disgusting), and I think that’s kind of charming. :) There’s a lot of love songs on this CD I’ve been listening to, too (Crush). Big on charm, not actually so perfect for working out, although there are three or four songs I really adore that are good workout music. I need to make a mix CD.

Um, what else. I made a brilliant batch of fudge tonight. Ted made equally brilliant truffles. We brought some of the truffles over to the comic shop, and Christopher, our current favorite there, called us up to say thank you. :)

Hah, smug me. Sarah and Silkie, at least, have recieved their Boxes O’ Goodies. Silkie’s telling me now that the kids lose and she and Image are going to eat all the non-jam goodies, so I guess I shoulda sent the peanutbutter stuff anyway. :) *giggles* I’ll know next time! :)

I’ve been noticing my bad sitting posture more and more lately. I keep catching myself curving in over the keyboard so my shoulders are all rounded and my head is stuck forward. I spend a surprising amount of time correcting that. I think I must be more aware of my back than I ever used to be. Heh. o.O

miles to Rivendell: 353

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  1. Mall walking may not be the ideal ambiance, but you get full marks for the walking, and bonus points for doing it DESPITE the lack of ambiance… :) Go Catie, go! (Rivendell isn’t THAT far away!)

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