thirty directions at once

Despite it all meaning nothing, I may have accidentally-like written 2000 words on the PADYA last night (in 90 minutes, which is spectacularly fast for the first fly-by on a project). _And_ I included descriptions! :) It’s not the opening chapter (and here I sing Scrivener’s praises again, because it’s just a scene in a file that I can move to wherever it needs to go when I get that far), though I expect it to be early enough in the book to be useful for a proposal. I hope.

Chapter 8 of MAGIC & MANNERS went up yesterday for the Patreon patrons, which means I *really* have to finish chapter 10, and ideally do, oh, five more chapters after that, too.

And I’m going to need to spend some writing time with an internet connection, too, so I can work on the Regency stuff some more and get that proposal off to the agent.

The problem, and when I say problem, I mean “I am inflicting this on myself” is that I feel like I should get all of this done by next Tuesday evening so I don’t have any work hanging over my head while we have guests. This is not actually possible, of course, not unless I give up sleep, which would rather lead to its own set of problems. :) Anyway, regardless, I feel like I’m being pulled in thirty directions at once on projects, and I’m trying really hard to remember that it is, in fact, all in my head. (I do have good reasons for wanting to get proposals to the agent sooner rather than later, but even so.)

I got the revision letter for STONE’S THROE yesterday, too, and negotiated a due date for them that isn’t appalling. Late(ish) May. That’ll be fine, then, she said with the careless air of one who has no respect for her future self. :)


4 thoughts on “thirty directions at once

  1. Bah! What has future self ever done for you?

    Also, PADYA seems like an excellent title for a YA novel. Its origin can be a secret fans can share in that pleasurable way fans share secrets about things they like.

    1. Ask not what your future self can do for you, but what you can do for it!

      *laughs* I’d need to name the main character Padya or something for that to work, I think…

  2. Right, I figured that would be an important character’s name. But perhaps people will think it’s a sequel to NADYA (by Pat Murphy). That suspicion may grow if book 2 is QADYA, and will definitely be inflamed if book 3 is RADYA. SADYA and YADYA may be a little too on-the-nose, to be sure.

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