Tired. I did go to the gym, which was good, and then I came home and watched 3 episodes of Highlander and an episode of Law & Order. I probably would’ve watched more L&O and less Highlander, except weirdly, after the one ep of L&O, there wasn’t anymore on tv anywhere. o.O Anyway, only two episodes left in season 1 of Highlander now. Richie sure was annoying in season 1. :)

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2 thoughts on “tired

  1. Wow! That is amazing….Between the three or four flavors of L&O and the fact that it’s syndicated onto like four channels, plus NBC…..

  2. I know! I couldn’t believe it! It’s like the guy in PCU doing his thesis on … what was it, a Gene Hackman film? At least one Gene Hackman film being on at any given hour. It’s like a law of physics that there must be at least one version of L&O playing at all times. But there wasn’t! At least not on any of the channels *I* get! It was traumatic! :)

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