tired. hungry.

Tired and hungry this morning, although I got enough sleep and I just ate. Um. In a meeting now. Got up a little early (a whole half hour, wich means I got up at 7:30 instead of 8 like I’ve been doing o.O) and exercised. Situps and pushups and leg lifts and stuff like that. And about a minute’s worth of jumping rope, after which I’d tripped over the rope enough times that I lost patience. I’ll try for thirty seconds longer tomorrow, or something. :) I decided, anyway, that I need to exercise for half an hour every morning before work.

Chanti’s sulky and barky because I’m in a meeting. Mumble.

2 thoughts on “tired. hungry.

  1. Jumping rope. That’s a good idea! I could do that in the garden, and it’s cheap. Er, I could do that in the garden when it’s not raining.

  2. It was Ted’s idea. I’d have never thought of it. But yes! It is cheap, and you could do it in the garden when it’s not raining! :) Actually, you could probably do it in the garden when it /is/ raining. I don’t have a watch, so I’m jumping for amazingly short periods of time right now. Not even counting minutes or seconds, just counting numbers of (successful) jumps. I’m up to 82. o.O

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