today is a day for minutia

Yesterday I took the day off (not so much because of the failed computer, because I write on a different computer, but because I needed it) and worked on my sunburn. It was practically the only opportunity there’s been this summer to work on it, so I did a nice job:

That comparatively white stripe there is where my purse strap was slung across my body. A wise and clever Kit I am not.

Yesterday my husband carried a tree home. I admired his manliness. :) It’s an apple tree! I come from a land where food does not grow on trees, so I’m very excited. (I said that to Ted and he looked at me like I was a nutcase. After a while, though, he had to admit it was true. I *do* come from a land where food doesn’t grow on trees.) Later today I’ll go out and put our tree in a larger pot than it’s currently in. It will be wuvwey, as my nephews used to say. Possibly Seirid still does. They’re coming out to visit my parents for a few days. We haven’t seen them in a few months, so that’ll be cool. Yay! :)

I need to either go to the phone store and get a SIM card that will work in the States, or I need someone to verify this amazing story that my parents told me: that you can buy a throw-away pre-paid phone at, like, Walmart or gas stations these days. Is this true? If it is, can I impose upon someone in the States (er, ideally somebody in San Diego, I suppose, certainly someone who’ll be there) to pick one up for me, and I can Paypal or repay you next week? That would give me a cell phone number over there that I could hand out while I still have email access, which would be V. Handy.

Today I could do fun things, like work on my Project365 photos (boy, i’ve really fallen down on that. I’ve missed at least a week by now, I think…). I could, except I have One Zillion Things that need doing before I go to San Diego, and today I must accomplish at least one and possibly two or three of them. So, thinks to do:

FRWL revisions, finally and for real
answer Yanni’s email, ideally with the FRWL revisions *attached*
– email that inker guy
tell Jason he rocks my socks

(…those are all really pretty easy to accomplish today. cool.)

thinks to do tomorrow:
– complete a travel grant application for London
– decide on & get started on a grant application for next year
– work on the IMPERATOR’S HEIR proposal

miles to Isengard: 97.8


  1. Jenn

    Well, it’s mostly true, you can go to Walmart and get a Tracphone along with minutes, and it will get you by. But it’s sort of pricey if you are here only for a few days.

    You can work on that…sunburn in SD while you are there next week, lots of sun. I empathize, being red haired and fair skinned and living in LA, I sort of walk out the door and fry.

  2. Geni

    Do any of your neighbours have an apple tree? To get fwoot, you need two. Furthermore there are three (I think) different groupings of apple trees, by blooming time. Your second tree needs to be either in the same group or a neighbouring one.

  3. This particular type is in theory self-pollinating (and the internet says yes, it actually is, though it will be more fruitful with cross-pollinating), so I’m not worried about it. If we can find another of the same breed or also late blooming, which this seems to be, then we’ll get one, but it looks like we ought to get a few apples out of it anyway. :)

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