Tolkien society

Today is J.R.R. Tolkien’s eleventy-first birthday! For this momentous occasion, you are invited to lift a glass at 9pm (local time) and toast “The Professor,” in fellowship with fans around the world!

In other news around the world, a worthy cause, by way of Population One, and I think it’s a worthy cause not because the people in question grow coffee, but because I think that connecting the world is a good idea. An excellent idea, in fact.

My stupid photo gallery software apparently 1. has a gaping security hole in it and 2. requires a complete reinstallation to upgrade to the next version, rather than having a tidy patch, which makes me *very* displeased. Anyway, it’s broken right now, which is why I haven’t *posted* the pictures of Breic or the house, and … that’s all she wrote.

3 thoughts on “Tolkien society

  1. The hole is related to a Windows XP publishing file. You could just edit or delete that .php file. I had the same problem.

    Click my name for the info.

  2. I did already upgrade, but I’m having other issues with the software now. *crossed eyes* Oh well. Working on it…

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