trying to develop a blog schedule

I want to do a thing. I want to develop a blog schedule, so like on Tuesdays or whatever I post a Recent Reads, and on Fridays it’s Picoreviews, and so there’s a Kitsnaps day and a Writing Topics day and a I don’t even know what else day. A Recommended Reads, which would be different from Recent Reads. Stuff like that.

This is a thing I want to do. Plus other random stuff that comes up too, and the boring “now i’m writing and all i can talk about is writing!” posts (okay, i don’t actually think they’re boring :)).

I’d love to have my act together enough to do more political kinds of posts too, or at least regular climate change stuff or something, although that seems a little ambitious. Well, not necessarily the climate change stuff, I follow a lot of that reasonably carefully and could do write-ups about what I’m seeing easily enough. But other stuff.

Most of the trick to this clever plan is getting ahead of myself so I’m not scrambling daily to get something posted. It’s distinctly possible I’ll never get that far, but it’s a nice thought. Something to aspire to, like. :)

Anyway, I’ve just had a look at some of my lists of blog topics that people have indicated interest in in the past, but this would also be an excellent time for people to volunteer what they might wanna read about! :)


4 thoughts on “trying to develop a blog schedule

  1. I like your ideas!! I love coming to your blog and I think you do follow that pattern…sort of. I really would love a writing topic post. Maybe you could post snippets from your WIP. Either way, I think your blogs are great as is. :)

    1. I do KIND of follow it! I just kind of want to formalise it a little so I…feel like I’m providing more regular content. :)

      I’m utterly terrible at query letters. *laughs* But I can do writing topics and…maybe the occasional snippet. Or maybe snippets from trunked stuff, since I kind of don’t like showing what I’m working on around, even in sneaky bits. :)

  2. Yes, I had another idea. I’ve noticed on a few authors blogs that they offer critique of up and coming writers query letters. If time allows, that might be a really good post. Possibly one of the prizes you offer when you run a kickstarter! Or post some of the Q & A questions your receive. :)

  3. Hi, Was looking up a signature of C.E. Murphy Esq. and found you. It’s obviosly not your name in the book An Annapolis First Classman by Beach written in 1910. I was listing some books on Amazon and found the signature.

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