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All right, while it would no doubt be easier to give away books, I’m going to write a couple of Walker Papers short stories (possibly *very* short stories) for Facebook fans/Twitter followers when they crest a certain number. For Facebook, that number is 250, which is only ten or eleven people away. (The story may get substantially longer with every, say, hundred more people who join the fan group.) The Facebook fan page is here.

For Twitter, which the entire world seems to claim as More Popular, the number is 500, which is much further away. (Ditto with the story length getting potentially longer with every hundred people past 500.) Follow me on Twitter here.

And while I’m shilling, I may as well mention that the Old Races short story, “Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight”, is more than halfway to the commission goal–another $316 will get the people who pledged to support it their very own Janx & Daisani story which won’t be seen elsewhere for a minimum of three months and possibly for years. You know you want to!

Now I’m going into Dublin AGAIN to try to find shoes that will fit my stupid wide thick feet. I may not make it to the war room at all today, but hopefully I’ll show up not quite a couple hours late…

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4 thoughts on “twitter, facebook, shameless self promotion…

  1. OK, I know it’s probably about as polite as asking a lady her age, but, in my defense, you *DID* bring it up! No, I can’t do it…even more, I won’t do it! I will not ask your shoe size and width and most strongly urge you not to share!
    But…as another person in this world with feet that are somewhat reminiscent of certain Tolkienesque characters who are lovers of fine food, drink and comfort. not to imply that you have hairy feet or anything of the sort, of course! *wink*
    I have found that New Balance and its related lines, like Dunham, have widths out to 6E for men, 4E for women, and in all sizes! I currently have a pair of Dunham leather outdoor sandals I just love! *S*
    And, yes, they are size 12 EEEE. There! I said it! My unusually large, yet distinctly Hobbit like feet are bared to the world! *GRIN*

    1. Yeah, New Balance are pretty good. They’re hard to find over here, though, so I’ve been buying Merrells lately, which /fit/, but last two pairs I tried had these very deep leather bindings at the top of the tongue and I have a really nasty blister on my foot from them. I got a pair with a different tongue binding this time, and they’ll be okay. still, it’s a real pain.

      I wear 8.5 or 9s in womens, also, like you, in an EEEE width. And to make it worse, my /heels/ aren’t wide or thick, it’s just the fronts of my feet, so it takes some serious jiggery to get shoes that fit. When I am very very rich I will have all my shoes custom made.

      And I’ll keep an eye out for Dunham shoes, too. Thank you. :)

      1. I feel your pain…*S* I’ve got, to go along with the unusually wide front of my feet, very high insteps. Sounds like you might have a similar issue. It makes buying some boots very difficult! Usually shoes that lace are OK, since I can adjust those, but I’ve been suckered by a shoe saleman or twa that gave me the “They’re leather! They’ll stretch out!” lines when I was young ang, stupid and gullible. *sigh* And had very sore feet from wearing too tight boots, to boot! *GRIN*

        1. Nah, the fronts of my feet are just quite thick from top to bottom. My instep isn’t anything remarkable. :)

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