um, just stuff

Just stuff, today. My back was all achy and awful yesterday and it’s still stiff today (a combination, maybe, of an 8 mile hike Saturday and then sleeping very badly Monday night) and it occurred to me last night that while I like to push myself, that it might be a better idea to do the 50K ride on Sunday instead of the 100K ride, because I /know/ I can do the 50K ride and once again, it seems more clever to ensure I’ll be able to bike all summer than to be macho for one day.

Um. I think that’s all, for now.

3 thoughts on “um, just stuff

  1. Is there an option to attempt the 100 but end at the 50 if you’re hurting, or are they different loops?

  2. It’s the same loop. The thing is that I’m pretty sure I can do the 100K without agony. It’s the days /after/ it that I’m worried about.

    Besides, it’s my birthday, and it might be nice not to be exhausted for dinner. :)

  3. That WOULD be nice, yes. It’s probably best to behave yourself and feel spry the next day so that you can bike again. Though on the other hand, if you do the 100, you deserve as many desserts as you want!

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