So Marvel’s Epic line has stopped taking submissions due to overwhelming response. I’m glad I decided to send Chance and write the Jubilee script when I did. I’ll post more information if I hear it, but that’s what’s happened, in a nutshell.

Chanti has been very bad. She chewed up a throw pillow, and when we came home from the store this morning, she was on the couch, where she’s not allowed to be. Bad puppy.

Jeez. It seemed like I had a bunch of stuff to write about, but it’s all gone out of my head now. Um. I’m taking the weekend off, darn it. I’m not worrying about writing or walking or anything except catching up on some reading and baking a cake for after dinner tonight. I was going to bake a pie but I don’t feel like it. o.o I decided I had to read at least 20 of the books on my to-be-read shelf before I could buy any more. I read one (NIGHT WATCH) last night. 19 to go. :)

(I just counted. There are in fact 96 books on the to-be-read shelves, 10-15 of which are probably Ted’s. And there are at least a couple stuck somewhere that I can’t find them that are also to-be-reads. So, yes. I must read before I can buy any more.)

Actually, it’s nice out, and I think I /will/ go for a walk… but I don’t *have* to. Nanner nanner!

Off to make a cake right now. Bai!

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