v. busy weekend!

V. busy weekend!

Thursday, I:

was effective at work, read Harry Potter, went to T3 (two thumbs up!)

Friday, I:

got up at 8:30 and walked the dog, made 2 loaves of bread, made macaroni salad, made pancakes, went to Sinbad (two thumbs up!), finished reading Harry Potter, made bbq sauce, had ribs & corn on the cob & macaroni salad for dinner, made cookies, went to Mom & Dad’s with cookies, hung out, said goodbye to Deirdre and Gavin and Breic, hung out some more, eventually came home and collapsed into bed in a wheezy allergic fit.

Saturday, I:

didn’t get out of bed until noon, had french toast (made of the homemade cinnamon-raisin bread!), did some shopping, came home, talked about how one might go about starting an independent press comic company, read a book, collected Ted’s dad from the airport, hung out for a couple of hours, had steak dinners (v. good, compliments of Ted!), saw Ted & Gary off to Seward, went to Finding Nemo (two thumbs up!), walked the dog, finished reading my book and fell into bed.

Sunday, I:

got up at 9 or so, walked the dog, filled in the holes the dog had dug in the back yard last winter, killed some weeds, watered the lawn, went biking, worked on my shelves, made a strawberry-rhubarb pie, cleaned the kitchen, read two books, made a circuit in the house break (I have no idea; the garage door won’t open anymore and half a dozen outlets spread through the house aren’t working. I’ll have to call an electrician.), and dropped into bed before Ted returned from Seward with two halibut, two silver salmon and a bunch of rockfish, which are a type of sea bass.

The weather has been stunning and my left shoulder is very slightly sunburned. The animals are all downstairs sharing a sunbeam instead of trying to chew on each other, and poor Ted’s stupid, stupid server has gone down again. And that, gentle readers, is the state of the world today.

Books read this weekend: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, The Sourdough Wars, Other People’s Skeletons, and Jenna Starborn

miles to Rivendell: 133
miles to Mordor: 498
music: The Big Fear, Common Rotation

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