V for Vanity

(written 12.7.05, 8:51am) Man, I made my hair all cute this morning and then pulled a fuzzy over my head and now it’s not cute anymore. :P I need to unpack more so I can find some of the other fuzzies that don’t mess my hair up so much (or at all, with the one that’s a jacket instead of a pullover). The problem with those ones is I’ve lost enough weight that they’re voluminous. Comfy, but not cute.

My hair has gotten very long. Another six inches and I’ll be able to do an Age of Apocalypse Kit costume. Well, another six inches and some massive muscle development. :) Deborah says I have…I forget the phrase she used. Time-invested-to-worth-obtained issues with my hair. Gotta grow it out to do a Rogue costume in May for X3 (all together now: even if X3 is going to suck). Then no point in having lost this much weight and having that much hair and cutting it off before Halloween. By that time I really would have enough hair to do a Kit costume, so no cutting it off until I do at *least* a photo shoot, and if that takes too long, well, Christ, Halloween might be coming up again in, you know, eight months…

The scale in this house weighs you in stones. I think that’s very funny. :) I weigh EXACTLY 11 stone, which does not psyche me out into thinking, “Hey! 11 something! I’m thin!” Nope. I know it really means 154, which is, mind you, not bad at all. I’ve been going between 152 and 154 the last…well. Since I got here. My fat days now are 155 days, which is pretty amazing, when I think about it: my fat days now are the lowest adult weight I’ve ever *maintained*.

Still haven’t gotten down to Curves, or gone over to the pool to swim. Won’t get those muscles (or that eldritch 142 on the scale) without doing that.

Ooop, it’s after 9, gotta get to work.

This entry brought to you by the letter V for vanity, apparently. :)

4 thoughts on “V for Vanity

  1. If you’re not totally spoiler-free, the X3 “announcement teaser” trailer is up (http://www.apple.com/trailers/fox/x3/) and it looks like they’re trying to throw everything into the plot and hope it works. While I love the movie logo, I can’t help but think the amount of plot shown in that trailer would require at least five hours of film to do properly…

  2. It’s not so much I’m spoiler free as I’m so dead certain the movie is going to suck I don’t want to watch anything to do with it until I can’t possibly avoid it anymore. Like when a movie theatre shows me the trailer before another film. :)

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