v. sleepy!

V. sleepy!

I accidentally bought three books this weekend. I only read two (not of the ones I bought over the weekend), so I’m clearly not keeping up on my noise to signal here. Besides, only one of them was a real accident. Two I bought for book clubs, one of which caused me to stand for fifteen minutes in the YA section at B&N and admire how many YA novels have come out since I was a YA myself. I restrained myself from buying forty books, mostly because I need to WRITE about forty books. Ahem. So I bought The Watcher by James Howe, ’cause that’s the YA book club at Title Wave book, and I bought the Tanya Huff book Valor’s Choice which is the TW SF book club book. Those were on purpose. The accident was another biography of Elizabeth I. I just really like those, what can I say?

*yawns my brain out*

We watched the remainder of season 3 Stargate, which I may have mentioned before, and this evening we went over to Mom & Dad’s for dinner and had a whole lot of really yummy ham and had homemade strawberry shortcake for dessert. Then we came home and I watched my favorite scenes from Chicago and watched the behind the scenes special feature, and now I’m taking my very sleepy brain to bed.

Night night.

9 thoughts on “v. sleepy!

  1. I love Huff’s stuff, and Valor’s Choice was one of the better space operas I’ve read in the last few years.

    The sequel, “The better part of valor”, is pretty damn good, too, although the only character that remains the same is Torin.

  2. Hey! Your schedule just says Boston for the 11-17! You’re going to more than Boston!
    *makes huffy snorting noise*

  3. Nah, I watched all my favorite bits. I’ll rent it later and watch the whole thing, perhaps. :) Thanks, though!

  4. *wrinkle nose* I can never stand Carolly Erickson. Weir. Read Weir. She’s much better in my humble opinion.

    Have you ever seen Elizabeth, Regina? It’s *nine hours* of Elizabeth (and this is me fairly warning you) done by the BBC. Long, but /fantastic/ and the commentary is, well, Weir.

  5. I’ve read Weir, yeah. She’s very enjoyable. But I thought I’d give Erickson a try too. :)

    Haven’t seen Elizabeth, Regina. Maybe sometime when I have a week off…. :)

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