I need a vacation.

We are not, though, going to Mexico next week. We decided it would be better for Ted not to miss seven days of school, so we’re trading our plane tickets in for somewhere else at a different time. We don’t know when or where yet. We have to use them by August 15 next year and, well, we’ll need to go at some time when we have money to pay for a hotel, since by cancelling the Mexico trip we lose out on the paid hotel. Oh well.

I’m going to take the 6th and 7th of November off, anyway, and the Wednesday and Friday around Thanksgiving, and then whatever days I have left around Christmas. I don’t particularly want to do *anything* during those days off. I just want to sit and huddle and read and write and not be at work or a computer.

And speaking of computers, mine is still completely fucked up. I spent five hours yesterday trying to make it work better. Nothing’s working. I turned off my scanner, which apparently I’m going to need new software for, because it’s got compatibility issues with XP, except they don’t make software for this scanner that doesn’t. :P Doing that freed up a lot of CPU time. I’ve run two different spyware removal things and I suppose there’s a third I can go run. I’ve downloaded but not yet installed Norton, but Symantec’s site says my computer’s not infected. I can’t actually manage to install the updates that Microsoft has for XP because the stupid fucking computer just hangs. Browsing to websites is slow. Opening Homesite — you know, the program I use to DO MY JOB — is excrutiating. Running updates, as I said, is veritibly impossible. I should not have to spend five hours a day or even a week to make my god damned new computer work properly. I’m incredibly frustrated and at the end of my rope.

I need a goddamned vacation.

4 thoughts on “vacation.

  1. *hug*

    I’m sorry you’re not going. I’m also sorry I’m all wrapped up in my own cat drama today. I hope you get your computer working.

    Hey, maybe you could go to Orycon after all?

  2. I can’t go to Orycon. I don’t have any money. :) And I don’t want to use these plane tickets to go to a conference or convention; Ted and I want to go do something honeymoonish on our own! :)

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