Jai came over last night and this morning and she and Emily and I went walking! 6 miles all told, and that means I’ve broken 150 miles! Woo!

Been a nice, busy day. We walked, after eating some of the Giant Cinnamon Roll that Jai brought over, and when we got home Chanti was POOPED and so lay around panting and sleeping for several hours, which is nice. :) We went to Burger Stop for lunch and wow. OMG. I had the shrimp basket special, and the deep-fried shrimp was *insanely* good. I even got up to tell Tommy how insanely good it was, and next time we go there I am *so* having the shrimp poboy. Wow. *So* good!

Ahem. Right. :) Then there was ALL the running around. We went to Home Depot to get paint remover so I could clean my paintbrush for my shelves, and we got a new shovel ’cause Shaun broke the handle on ours (my parents’, actually) and Emily got a board to make a chess board with and then we went to Northway Mall ’cause Shaun wanted to see about ordering carving knives at Packnives, which a friend of Ted’s owns, and we had some ice cream, and then went to the Sears Mall where Emily looked at water distillers and I went and got new contacts, ’cause I’m on my last pair. Then we stopped for mushrooms and apples for dinner and came home, where Emily worked on her chess board, I worked on my shelves, cleaned the kitty litter, did laundry and baked cookies while Ted cleaned our bathroom, which needed it. It’s beeeooooteeful now.

miles to Rivendell: 150.25
music: Red, The Young Dubliners

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  1. I think you’re the first person I know, other than my friend Mark, who listens to the Young Dubliners. :)

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