walky walky

I went on a little 1.5 mile walk tonight, and I *ran*. Several steps in a *row*. Three *times*.

Now I’m sort of waiting to see if my back goes out. I’ve done my exercises and so far I’m okay, but man, talk about paranoid. We’ll see, I guess.

miles to Rivendell: 21


  1. Laura

    I seem to recall being told to yell at you if you decided to run again. Consider yourself yelled at. Be NICE to you back! You want it to be all spiffy and healthy for the big biking season!

  2. Laura

    You did. :) You were fairly unhappy with life (particularly the hurty back part of it) at the time, so I’m not particularly surprised you don’t recall that. Just be careful.

  3. Laura

    I have no wish for you to repeat them either! If we have to wheel you up to the site for my wedding this fall, I am going to be *most* cross with you! Wheel chairs are just NOT period! ;)

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