We went up to Fairbanks to visit Ted’s parents, and to say g’bye to his brother, who is about to transfer overseas for his job, which is for um. The military PX but I forget what it’s called. Anyway, he’s a manager sort and he put in for an overseas job and now he’s going! So we thought we’d go see him before he left. :)

It was a very very quiet weekend. I watched a couple of movies (Die Hard, Ocean’s 11) and read 5 books. So that was very nice. :) And we had a very yummy Easter dinner, and I ate way too many M&Ms.

Heather’s husband Dave is also walking to Rivendell with us. Except Dave’s a runner, so, as Heather said, “He was that blue-and-white streak we saw go by us!” So I’ll be keeping track of his miles too. I think maybe we should make Dave run to Mordor. The rest of us will just go to Rivendell. o.o Anyway, he started counting miles as of the Sunday before Heather did, which was… Heather started the 9th, so Dave started the 6th.

Ted, who is Better Than Me, got up at 5:40 to exercise this morning. I didn’t manage to get up until 6:30. I did, though, do a 2.5 mile walk, and I’m, er, well, sort of still working on doing my exercises, which is not the *best* way to do them, but at least I’m doing them. :)

Today, 50K in 30 days starts.

Dave’s miles to Rivendell: 78.5
Catie’s miles to Rivendell: 43.25
Heather’s miles to Rivendell: 27

2 thoughts on “weekend!

  1. gee, i’m *really* falling behind. will you keep track of mine, too, so you can have a nice long impressive list of miles to rivendell?

  2. *laugh* Yeah, I could do that! Maybe I oughta post on my LJ that I’m keeping track of the Rivendell miles for people I know… :)

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