weekendy catchup

Jai and Tori and I did the Heart Walk thing yesterday, which was really a lot of fun. It was absolutely gorgeous out, and to Jai and my amazement, Tori did the whole 5km walk without a word of complaint. The second half of it we had her running up to check points ahead of us so she could wait for us, which gave her a chance to show off and escape the parental yoke of oppression all at once, so it worked very well. We had a really good time. :) And there was a barbeque at Tori’s school afterward, so we had hot dogs and punch and hung out for a while, which was fun too. Yay!

Came home and went on a 15 mile bike ride, then got Attacked By Allergies and spent the remainder of the day being progressively more sleepy as I read books. Evidently I decided that I’m taking a few days off and reading. 7 books down since Friday morning, and I’ll go read one more in a bit here. V. nice weekend. The amazing weather has gone away, though, and it’s been raining. Which is okay, really, because we needed it.

This evening we’re going over to Mom and Dad’s for bbq ribs and potato salad. MmmMMMmmm. *happy wriggles*

miles to Rauros Falls: 187.5
miles to Hobbiton: 115.2

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  1. Yah, I read very fast. One of the few things I like about airplane rides is I can usually blow through three or more books on a flight in or out of Alaska. :)

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