we’re back!

We’re back!

I have about twelve BILLION things to write about, but I said I’d quote what Teresa said about Angles, so I’m going to do that now:

… [a] near-perfect version of an established theme and subject, which is … =Right Angles to Fairyland=. It’s in the C. S. Lewis/Susan Cooper/Lloyd Alexander/Joy Chant territory: not new, but surprisingly hard to do well, and she does it very well indeed. The surface of the words almost exactly matches the surface of the story. She conjures the kind of full-sunlight close-up real-world magic that can only be made out of precise, concretely imagined language. I truly laughed out loud, twice, on page nine; and that shimmery transformation on page eighteen raised goosebumps on me.

And I came home to a rejection letter from an agency and a request from Luna for URBAN SHAMAN. Go ME!

12 thoughts on “we’re back!

  1. And at least you got off the East Coast before Isabel messes up flight patterns across the country…She’s giving us DC folks an official holiday tomorrow…..

  2. go kit –

    And – remember : Harry Potter was turned down like a bizzillion times before it was published – Imagine how THEY feel now, and how their careers went – “oh, your the guy who turned DOWN Harry Potter…”

  3. Yes, but apparently the first drafts of Harry Potter that were sent out were TERRIBLE. :) Anyway, I don’t take rejection too hard, really, ’cause I have Vast Confidence In Myself. :) It’s fine! :)

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