where’s catie!

Hotel reservations are made. Room cost includes the cost of a full breakfast, so that’ll be nice. :) I am both excited and nervous about this prospect! What if I futz around all weekend and don’t do anything? That’d be bad! Actually, I don’t think there’s much danger of that. I’m really looking forward to just totally focusing on the revisions for a couple of days. I’ve done a lot of work in headspace and know a lot of what I need to do. It’s just the sitting down and *doing* it that’s time consuming and I haven’t done yet.

*jit jit jit*!


  1. Alix

    Woo! Sounds like it should be a lot of fun. Part of me really wants to just book into a hotel somewhere for a week for my vacation, and this sounds, well, sorta like it. :)

    Not that I probably need to ask this, but let us know on Monday how it goes. :)

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