Sheesh. Take a couple days off from writing and look what happens. You lose total control over how many days have passed in your book.

Actually, I was on the verge of doing that anyway–I’ve rewritten so much that I no longer know exactly when things are happening in relation to one another–and so I sat down, wrote about twelve words, then went ‘shit, is it time for this yet, or should that be tomorrow?’ So I thought I’d better read it. And, well, reading is easier done on paper than on screen, so I thought I’d better print it out. And it’s 200 pages long at this point (198, dammit, 2 stupid pages short of 50K!) and I use SO MUCH PAPER printing stuff out that I wanted to try printing it out double-sided, which my printer isn’t equipped for, so I spent a few minutes trying to figure out how to print every other page (actually, that’s easy, there’s a print option to let you do that) and more importantly how to feed the pages back into the printer so that the pages would be right side up. Got that figured out. Go me.

Then realized that if I just reversed the pages, I’d have page 2 printed on the back of 197, which was *really* not the point. So I had to go through and reverse the order of my odd-numbered pages so that page 1 was on the top of the stack. *Then* I printed it out, and discovered that this meant that the whole thing had to be hand-reversed again so that the front of my printout didn’t start with page 197. SIGH.

However, it’s all printed out now, and I’m going to go sit down, have some breakfast, and take some notes on when things are going on. :)

It’s 14 below. That really seems unnecessary.

4 thoughts on “whew.

  1. If you’re using Word, that appears to have an option for printing that says ‘reverse print order’. Might be worth exploring if you’re doing more double-sided printing experiments.

  2. Yes, 14 below seems both unnecessary and unreasonable. As does 8 below, which it is here, now, at 1 in the afternoon in the bright shining sun.

    Waaa. I wanna be WARM!

  3. Freezing sleet with an accumulation of ice is also an unpleasant prospect, esp. around here where they can drive on ice worth a *^(#(!~!

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