Whew! Contract is not lost in the mail, but rather had to go back for some further negotiations. That’s cool, I just like knowing where it is. :)

Other than that, had more epiphanies last night about the state of this book, and I’m suddenly getting all the threads tied together. The last question is whether or not it’s going to end where I think it’s going to or … if it’s not. :) I thought I was on the last day, story-wise. There might be one or even two more, in which case… well. It’s for the rewrites. Anyway, didn’t write this morning, we all got up late, so I must do extra-more writing tonight. I’m basically aiming for 2200 words a day at this point, because if I make that, even if I’ve got more days left in this story than I thought I did, I’ll finish by the end of the month. And then I’m going to have to gut it during rewrites, but that’s okay.

The real state of the union, link via Peg Kerr.

Off to find breakfast now.

2 thoughts on “whew!

  1. And are we at liberty to say what points of the contract are being renegotiated? HMMM!? Curteous minds want to know.

    Good gosh a’mighty, thousands of words a day! Oh, my!

    You have my undying admiration. :+ (that’s me whistling an admiring woo-woo)

  2. I don’t know specifically. I do know that Jenn asked me about due dates for the next books/proposals, so presumably that has something to do with it. :)

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