Turned out the Morganville Vampires books reached the end of a story arc with book 6, so I didn’t have to read 15 books this weekend. :) Whew!

Seriously, though, the books are a lot of fun, and if you haven’t read them, I feel you ought to go right ahead and get books 1-6 so you can gulp down the first story arc all at once. I’m gonna have to check with Rachel to find out where the next story arc ends or to see if I have to block out a whole weekend to read the other 9 at once. :)

I wasn’t in a mental space to work on my revisions yesterday so I started converting the ElectriCity script to Scrivener. With books that’s pretty trivial, but this is requiring retyping it all. That’s not a bad thing; I’m doing some editing as a result, and I gotta say there are some pretty funny bits in the script. I mean, like, in the panel descriptions. At least the artist should have fun reading it. :)

I’m not actually overwhelmingly impressed with Scrivener’s comics app. Its primary problem is that for some reason when the pop-up window giving you dialog/panel/etc options appears, it doesn’t respond to a tab selection, which means there’s more mousing than is comfortable. I’m looking forward to the eventual release of ComiXwriter, which I backed on Kickstarter, and, er, which I hope will convert the Scrivener file nicely because it’d be a pain in the ass to have to retype this all *again*. :)

I am determined to get this script done before DICE at the end of September. Actually, of course, I’d LIKE to have it done and get the Kickstarter campaign running by then, but that may be outside of my control. But the fact that DICE is coming up again and I haven’t gotten anything new done on the comics front makes me feel like a fraud for even going to the con, so I gotta do something.

(*mutter* What I also need to do is that 8 page Chance-universe script, too, and give it to Val so we can do a little web comic with it, since he was up for it. Or he was like TWO YEARS AGO when I last talked to him about it. @.@)

Harry Connolly keeps mentioning Scrivener features his Mac version has that my Windows version doesn’t. AWESOME features. I’m over on Twitter flinging myself on their mercy right now, because I can’t justify buying a Mac for half a dozen writing app features. :)

(…no. no i can’t. I CAN’T DAMMIT.)

Um, hm. One other thing I’d been going to mention, what was it. Oh! Through a fortutious combination of kindly mother-in-law and friend-in-need, I have scored an _entire day_ of writing on Tuesday. If I have any sense at all I will spend it making headway on revisions, but the idea of whipping out the manuscript for my nephew’s next book and doing a grand-slam 9 or 10K on it sounds like so much more fun. :)

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  1. I just started reading the Morganville vampire series and I’m enjoying it very much. Thanks for the suggestion. LOla

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