who’s your daddy!

Who’s your daddy! 3799 words written today, and I stopped at that number because 1. it amused me and 2. I’m at a good break point and I think if I continue I’ll be finishing this chapter, which will probably take another 1500 or more words, which is more than I feel like doing right now. I have other things I want to do tonight! Boy, I’m all buzzy and cheerful, though! Writing high! Cat exploded! Yeah!

50K in 30 days count: 12,844
ytd wordcount: 24,570 (25K so! close!)

3 thoughts on “who’s your daddy!

  1. sounds exciting!

    you are extremely productive, o sister mine.
    i’ve thought seriously about looking at the novella i wrote back in december. thought Seriously about it. yup.

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