wisdom, valor

Wisdom being the better part of valor, or something, I started taking Allegra again today. I’ve been getting progressively more nose-runny the last few days, although not so much that I can’t breathe or that I’m wheezing, but I’m not actually sure there’s any brilliance in waiting til that point before starting to take the allergy medicines, so now I’m all drugged up. Must remember to drink a lot of water, ’cause Allegra dehydrates me.

2 thoughts on “wisdom, valor

  1. See, I’m paranoid about trying to switch to Claritin, because Allegra works for me. I mean, I have no indication that Claritin *wouldn’t* work, but *fuss*. :) Also, I have another refill of my Allegra prescription left. But if that runs out before allergy season does, maybe I’ll try Claritin. Allegra doesn’t dehydrate me /badly/, and I know enough to drink enough water, anyway.

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