Making an excellent case for myself, I managed to do this project I’ve been farting around on for a month in about 4 hours this morning. Of course, there are at least two more projects I’ve been dinking around not doing, and they’re both bigger than the one I finished, so while on one hand, woot! go me!, on the other, not done yet.

Poor Shaun is having computer hell. He bought a new computer so he could play City of Heroes, but it turns out he needs a new graphics card for the new computer. Wah. Stupid computers. :(

Today, meantime, is one of Ted’s 5am to 11am shifts. I will note that it’s now 20 to 1, and he’s not home from work yet. Since his 5am-1pm shifts have been running to 2 or 3pm, I’m guessing it’ll be another half hour, possibly considerably more, before he makes it home. Snif!

Hey, apparently we set a record high yesterday, 66 degrees! Woot! :)

Ok, there’s the work email I was waiting for. Back to the grindstone. WHCHA!

2 thoughts on “woot!

  1. Well I won’t be home till after 2 today. I am only off on thursdays at 11am. ;P

    But I am getting things done here at work today that I have not been able to.

    Oh and I even got to take a quick break and see how your day was doing.

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