words, but they don’t count

Wrote 1100 words this morning, but they were political mechanation stuff and really nothing at *all* like fiction, so I can’t count them. Must rewrite ch. 3 of HoS tonight; that will count. Also finished rewriting ch. 2 last night, so that’s good. I really must loosen up my POV on TQB, because there’s a lot of good stuff going on that’s beyond Belinda’s immediate scope, and I think the reader needs to know about it even if she doesn’t. It’s hard to break out of this very tight 3rd person POV. MANIFEST DESTINY is in a looser 3rd person POV. Probably when I go back to work on it again, it’ll make Baby Jesus cry.

In other news, it is five frelling degrees out, which is not my idea of a good time, dammit. I’m ready for it to be SPRING NOW, PLEASE. *cuddles up in a warm fuzzy and sulks*

Um. Anything else today? Not so far. Oh, I’ve got a short story ready to send out. That’s good. And I should go get Russ’s comics and put ’em in an envelope and zoop those off to him too. *looks around* Maybe I need a Thinks To Do list for today.

1. mail stuff (story, russ’s comics, deirdre’s jam)
2. find a box for dead mss
3. call the chiro
4. find out what kind of battery the ancient Mac needs
5. send in writing rendevous registration

Oh! Ted got another rank in aikido on Sunday! Yay Ted!

ytd wordcount: 117,500

2 thoughts on “words, but they don’t count

  1. So I had the same problem, and usually once I’m done with a mss. it’s only good for a) roo coloring paper or b) recycling. And I have books littering the house.

    So there’s this very narrow closet near the kitchen that Mike gave me for my very own. I installed Very Cheap Plastic Bins From Wal-mart as makeshift shelves, and the top one of the above holds mss. pages– others hold beading supplies & rubber stamps for making my own stationery… anyway, this works great, because I just visit the closet before taking out the recycling.

  2. That sounds quite wonderful! Part of what I need to do is rearrange my desk somewhat so there’s somewhere to /put/ a recycling bin(bag) nearby. Although the books are indeed spread all over the damned house. But they tend to end up on the desk, ’cause that’s where I do my last edits.

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