Gymmed this morning. Sleepy now. Lots of work to do today. Whee.

» 10 minutes biking (approx. 1 mile)
» 75 crunches
» 24 reverse push-ups
» bench press, 40x12x3
» butterfly press, 18x12x3
» lat pull-downs, 40x12x3
» shoulder press, 16x12x3
» leg extensions, 40x12x3
» leg curls, 40x12x3
» hip ab/adductions, 65x12x3
» back extensions, 50x30x1
» tricep extensions, 20x12x3
» bicep curls, 16x12x3

3 thoughts on “workout

  1. A reverse push-up is where you go find a squat bar machine and put the bar at about shoulder height and grab hold and walk your feet forward a couple of feet and let your weight pull you back and then you pull yourself up. Sort of more like pull-ups than push-ups, except the basic motion is more push-uppy than pull-uppy. Anyway, they’re supposed to be good for your back, and my weenie back isn’t up to doing normal pushups yet, so I’m doing these ones.

    I think I’d rather have a nuclear reactor power plant than no powerplant, but I haven’t really looked into it. :)

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