wow, go *me*!

Okay, what Sarah gave me yesterday as an idea was *exactly, *exactly* what I needed. It’s something the reader can figure out, it’s something that Jo has an IC reason for happening that doesn’t necessarily associate with the *real* reason it’s happening, it can be used in flashes and gradually get worse, it’s *perfect*. It’s *exactly* what I needed. It’s *exactly* the kind of thing I’ve been trying to figure out for the whole book. It’s *perfect*. And now I’m burning through the wordcount, because I’m no longer hitched up on this one aspect that I really, really needed in order to make the book work. It’s absolutely perfect. ALL HAIL SARAH!

So 1700 words this morning, and I know where I’m going and I am just totally psyched. TOTALLY, DUDE.

I’m also starving. My god. SOOOOO HUNGRY. Food. Food NOW.

ytd wordcount: 17,700

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