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It has now been 24 hours since I submitted my epic fantasy proposal to my agent and nobody has bought it yet. I’m very disappointed. :)

Last week I brought fudge to the arts & business centre where my son’s preschool is. *This* week I’ve had people who have never spoken to me before kind of falling over at me and saying “OMG that fudge!” and often “Do you sell this?!” :)

A writer whom I would very much like to meet, and who does not go to conventions, just announced that he would be going to Worldcon in Spokane next year. I suspect there’s a very high chance it would be the only opportunity I’d get to meet him IRL. #wibble

I keep thinking there’s more I want to post about but my brain is too thick and slow (sick and thow, I typed first, which is probably right too, at least the sick part) to remember what it is, so I’ll just post now.

Oh wait yeah, one of the things is I’m still prodding at the idea of the Old Races Kickstarter, when Kickstarter launches in Ireland later this month. 6 stories over 12 months, maybe? 12 stories over 18 months, for stretch goals? Hmmm! :)


  1. See, you should totally start a business selling fudge. I’d help with the marketing!

    The main reason I signed up to Eastercon about two months ago was that they announced Jim Butcher, at his first UK convention. How was I ever gonna miss that, just so I can slap him for some of the stuff that’s happened in the Dresden Files, and then hug him and ask him to tell me it’s all going to be ok. Watch out for me on the local news in April. :)

  2. I just wanted to tell you that snorg tee is selling a a shirt that shows a mustang sailing above pine trees. I’m not sure if it’s a homage or a copyright infringement. Either way I love it.


    1. I think that might be a flying Delorean, but it’s wonderful anyway. :)

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