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Went to the keynote speech for Writing Rondevous, given by Laurie King, whom I would link to if I weren’t too lazy to make sure her URL really is laurierking.com as I’m assuming it is. Despite my general temptation to write up conference stuff in agonizing detail, I don’t feel like doing that right now, so I’ll just say it was an entertaining speech about the risks (financial, emotional, etc) of being a writer. She talked some about her writing style, which happens to be very much like mine (I don’t outline. I just sort of fling myself in and see what happens), and told some funny stories and all in all it was a pleasant couple of hours.

I have drunk enough water today to float the damned Titanic. I’m going to have to bring a *massive* bottle of water to the conference tomorrow. Speaking of which, I’m getting quite the collection of canvas bags. What does one do with 6 or more canvas bags?

Despite the fact that it’s been SNOWING *ALL DAY*, I walked my two miles. My stoopid shoes are blistering my heels. Possibly I’m not tying my stupid shoes tightly enough. Anyway, walking tomorrow will be slightly more of a challenge, ’cause the conference starts at 9am. And I really need to do some *writing* tomorrow morning, ’cause I didn’t today. Bad Catie. Must do ch. 12 edits.

But for now I’m going to go do edits on as much of Iya as I can get through in the next hour or so, and then to bed.

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  1. Actually, the new socks were purchased in hopes of removing the irritant. Didn’t work. :)

    Laurie King is a very pleasant woman, Mary Anne. I’ll try to pick something up and get it signed for you. :)

  2. mary anne

    I was poking around her website (which is, in fact, http://www.laurierking.com, as you suspected), and she links to a website where you can see the style of costume Mary Russell would’ve worn, based on the time period. Interestingly, the site she links to is Tara Maginnis’ Costumer’s Manifesto website (as in Tara, the costume designer up at UAF). Small world, no?

  3. Laura

    One uses 6 canvas bags to bring home the grocery shopping so one does not have so many accursed plastic bags littering up the house. At least, that’s what *I* do with 6 canvas bags. Scientific conventions generate a lot of them, so I am faced with the same issue…

  4. I’ve thought of doing that with all the canvas bags. The problem with that is I have a distinct use for the plastic bags; I scoop the kitty litter into them. So I need several of those a week…

  5. Angie

    I do the same thing with my plethora of canvas bags, use them at the grocery store. We always used to use the plastic bags for litter, but recently started picking up packets of brown paper lunch bags, as they’re infinitely more biodegradable than plastic bags, and while slightly smellier in the short term, probably better for the environment longterm. Changing the litter still wants a plastic garbage sack, but ah well.

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