x2, what, me obsessed?

Some non-spoilery comments:

Nightcrawler *completely* won me over.

Boy, Hugh Jackman sure does have nice long legs.

PETER WINGFIELD. PETER WINGFIELD. PETER WINGFIELD. (Honestly, except when he was actually on screen, I forgot about him.)

If Halle Berry really, as reported, thinks her part was too small in this movie, she’s a twit.

Pyro, despite the trailers, doesn’t /really/ look like Wil Wheaton.

6 thoughts on “x2, what, me obsessed?

  1. NIGHTCRAWLER! I absolutely *loved* how they handled Nightcrawler – and they remembered the religious feelings.

  2. I saw it too! it was awesome! and i’ve never even seen the first one or read the comic books or anything but i thought it was GREAT :D and who’s peter wingfeild? other than an x man that my sister is obssessed with? Nightcrawler was awesome, he is gavin’s favorite :) and met his expectations. i have to see the first one now.

  3. Actually, Peter Wingfield is the guy who played Sgt. Lyman, Stryker’s right-hand man. He also played Methos on the Highlander TV series and I think he’s drop-dead gorgeous. :)

    Nightcrawler ROCKED!!!

  4. hmmph. i can’t place him. hmmph. even when i saw the pictures that i looked up on line. he apparently didn’t stand out to me ALL THAT MUCH.

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