Got up at about 6 this morning, somewhat later than I might’ve, but still early enough to get 800 words of re-writing on chapter 8 done. Just in case “re-writing” gives an implication of “fixing words that are already there”, let me assure you that these are all-new words. Chapter 8 had to be thrown out entirely. Complete. Whoosh. A visit to the circular file. And … well. Some parts of chapter 9 might be salvageable, after 8 is re-written, and after that… I haven’t even looked at the chapters, so I’m not in a position yet to think about it. Much rewriting going on, though. It’ll be a much better story for it, though.

I seem to have a tendency–and thanks to Trip, I’m aware of it–to put enabelers into the Walker Paper books. Things that make Jo’s life easier. Things that shouldn’t be there for just that reason. That’s the sort of flaw that’s making me throw out the entirety of ch. 8 and rewrite significant chunks of other chapters. I’ve also set some stuff up badly and those things need to be re-setup, but the rewriting I’m doing in ch. 8 oughta help with that. Perhaps I won’t make this same mistake in the 3rd book, when I get to it….

Isn’t that nice and cryptic? :)

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