ye gods

Ye gods. Spidey got a new scanner. Look what he scanned as a test and sent:

Cat & Ted graduate, May 1996

6 thoughts on “ye gods

  1. Heehee! :oD You two look sooo dang young – and cuties! (not that you are old fogies yet)

  2. Yipe! I remember those gowns…and the red cords that unravel and bleed dye all over everything. Ah, memories… ;)

  3. Awwww, wuzza wuzza widdle young kit and ted!

    (Which I can say because in my college graduation pictures I’m in my mid-twenties…)

  4. Ted may have been *young* in that picture, but he was never little! Take this from one who was hung upside down by her ankles (and didn’t touch the floor) by him.

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